Family Pack to Woodland Park Zoo from Queen Bee Coupons

In my last post, I told you a little about Queen Bee Coupons and why I like her blog so much. Not only that, I shared with about the $300 gift card to Great Wolf Lodge that she  wants to give to one lucky reader. She’s at it again with a new giveaway to share!

I have been to the Woodland Park Zoo a few times and I must say that it is one of my favorite zoo. The zoo is so big that it took me about two trips to actually visit all the exhibits. Well, I should admit that part of the reason it took me so long is because my then 3 year old wanting to spend most of her time in the petting area and the play area. Here are a few pictures that were taken at the Woodland Park Zoo during my visit.

"Is it going to bite me?"

“Is it going to bite me?”

Komodo Dragon at Woodland Park Zoo

Komodo Dragon at Woodland Park Zoo

Yep! That’s a real Komodo Dragon at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA.

"Feed me!"

“Feed me!”

During specific times throughout the day, the zoo opens up a line to fee the giraffe.

Enough with my pictures and on to the giveaway. This time, Queen Bee would like to give one lucky reader a Family Fun Pack to the Woodland Park Zoo. This family fun pack includes admissions for two adults and two children. Transportation to the zoo is NOT included, so please make sure you have a way of traveling there.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Queen Bee Coupons website!


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